Certified Laboratory testing
Ensures your drinking water is safe.

Contaminants could be creeping in to your drinking water, threatening you and your family. To ensure that your water is 100% safe, get it tested with the industry-leading technologies from Safe Home®.

Our drinking water test kits detect even the smallest traces of harmful chemicals and bacteria. Our testing process is simple, fast and scientifically accurate. Our EPA certified laboratory will perform all testing. You can also choose to do-it-yourself (for bacteria testing only).

And you can gain peace of mind now.
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How It Works

Kit in hand, testing your drinking water accurately and economically with our easy, three-step process:
  • 1) Collect your sample
  • 2) Ship the kit back to our facility
  • 3) Results viewable online

Drinking Water Test Kits

Safe Home® offers three platforms of water testing. View the chart below, then click on “Shop Kits”. From there you can select the platform of kits that best fits your testing needs.