Is Your Drinking Water Safe? Don’t guess…TEST!®

You Test It

See the approximate value of what’s in your drinking water.

Test it yourself with our Do-It-Yourself test kits.

Receive results within seconds.

Don’t guess…TEST!®

DIY Kits – Starting at $12.95



We Test It

See the exact value of what’s in your drinking water.

Have it tested at our EPA-certified laboratory.

Receive a detailed report by email.

Detect & Protect!®

Lab Kits – Starting at $39.95



Knowledge is Power!

Our Lab. EPA certified since 1982.

Our scientists have over 150-years of combined experience in testing drinking water. We are in business to make a difference in people’s lives, through science.

Our test kits equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions concerning the safety of your drinking water, making you a Safe Home hero.

Our Science. Your peace of mind.®

Made in the USA!

Safe Home test kits are manufactured in the USA, through partnerships with companies who employ challenged adults.  Our partners build every kit with love and a smile.  Safe Home test kits are sold globally.

#1 Trusted Brand!

Safe Home is the exclusive brand of drinking water test kits to receive the Good Housekeeping Seal. Safe Home test kits have also been vetted by Underwriter Laboratories, Merck Laboratories and American Red Cross Laboratories. The #1 trusted name in water testing, is Safe Home!

Top-10 in the World!

Safe Home was named one of the Top-10 New Products in the World at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our R&D team continues to develop new products that benefit mankind.

Money Back Guarantee!

Safe Home provides the very best guarantee in the industry for laboratory testing – Your test results are sent on-time, or your next kit is FREE.


Here's What Our Customers are Saying

"Best Water Test I’ve Ever Used"

"This is the best and most extensive water test I have ever used. The package is easy to handle with clear directions and it took about a week to process through their lab. The results were clear and simple to read. I would recommend to anyone."

Amazon.com – GT2030, USA

"Will Tell My Friends"

"After installing a whole house filtration system, I needed laboratory testing to make sure of my water. This product was perfect. Not only was it easy to use, the results were sent back quickly as advertised. My family and I are incredibly pleased."

Amazon.com – William, USA

"This Test Kit Was Amazing"

"Simple to use DIY test kit that gave us the exact information, we were hoping for. We have city water and wanted to make sure it did not have any high levels of contaminants. I will recommend this kit to my friends!"

HomeDepot.com – Chris Z, USA

"EPA-Certified Lab & Made in the USA"

"I’m from the USA but live in Canada. I like buying products made in the USA. It also gives me comfort to know the DIY test kits are backed by an EPA-certified lab. Very friendly and knowledgeable people when I called. I love their products."

SafeHomeTestKits.com – Katherine B, CANADA

Supporting Clean Water!

Safe Home test kit sales provide financial support for clean water initiatives with not-for-profit organizations such as Active Water, Water for People, Charity Water, Water.org and more.

Learning Center!

Do you know what’s in your drinking water? Gain valuable information through our Learning Center and discover how certain contaminants may be affecting your family.

In the Learning Center, we also provide direct links to water-treatment professionals who can offer solutions to your water contaminant problems.

Are you ready to be a

Discover the 200+ harmful contaminants that could be in your drinking water.

Don’t Guess…TEST!®

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