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"Best Water Test I’ve Ever Used"

"This is the best and most extensive water test I have ever used. The package is easy to handle with clear directions and it took about a week to process through their lab. The results were clear and simple to read. I would recommend to anyone."

Amazon.com – GT2030, USA

"Will Tell My Friends"

"After installing a whole house filtration system, I needed laboratory testing to make sure of my water. This product was perfect. Not only was it easy to use, the results were sent back quickly as advertised. My family and I are incredibly pleased."

Amazon.com – William, USA

"This Test Kit Was Amazing"

"Simple to use DIY test kit that gave us the exact information, we were hoping for. We have city water and wanted to make sure it did not have any high levels of contaminants. I will recommend this kit to my friends!"

HomeDepot.com – Chris Z, USA

"EPA-Certified Lab & Made in the USA"

"I’m from the USA but live in Canada. I like buying products made in the USA. It also gives me comfort to know the DIY test kits are backed by an EPA-certified lab. Very friendly and knowledgeable people when I called. I love their products."

SafeHomeTestKits.com – Katherine B, CANADA

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