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2023 Rules & Guidelines for Contingency Cash Qualification

Safe Home Cash” is a cash contingency award program designed specifically for the Indiana Bass Federation. The winners (Boater and Non-Boater) of any one of the six IBF Pro/Am Tournament Trail events that are Safe Home Cash qualified, may each win $500 cash from Safe Home (as noted below). If the Boater and Non-Boater winners are not Safe Home Cash qualified, then the next highest Top-10 finishing Boater and Non-Boater that are Safe Home Cash qualified will win $100 cash. Please read these rules and guidelines in their entirety, before purchasing your contingency test kits.


  1. NEW FOR 2023: Any Boater or Non-Boater who is Safe Home Cash Qualified before the final regular season event takes place and qualifies for and competes in the IBF Classic, will qualify for Safe Home Classic Cash – $1,000 to the 1st Place Boater and $1,000 to the 1st Place Non-Boater.
  2. A competitor (Boater or Non-Boater) must purchase a minimum of $100.00 total, in Safe Home Test Kits from the SafeHomeTestKits.com (EnviroTestKits) website BEFORE 6am EST the day of the tournament.The $100.00 in purchases may not include any sales tax or shipping. When you checkout, you must purchase a minimum of $100.00 in test kits in one transaction (purchased at the same time).
  3. Kits must be purchased from our website: https://envirotestkits.com/test-kits/.
  4. Different test kits, for different needs. As long as one single purchase is made that meets the noted guidelines, you can choose any group of test kits to purchase.
  5. Safe Home Drinking Water Test Kits: These kits range from Do-It-Yourself kits to In-Lab kits, with testing at our EPA certified laboratory. These kits are designed to test your drinking water.
  6. Other Test Kits: We have new test kits coming on the website – Safe Home Mold Test Kits, Safe Home Radon Test Kits, Safe Home Lead Test Swabs for Surfaces, Safe Home Pool/Spa Test Kits and more. We also have test kits coming for testing other home environments – My Pet Test Kits for Aquariums & Fishponds.
  7. Competitors may purchase one kit or multiple kits, but all must be purchased at one time to reach your $100 minimum. You are only required to make this purchase once per calendar year, to be qualified for that respective calendar year’s awards. (Example:Once you have purchased your $100.00 in Safe Home Test Kits in 2023, you are qualified after that date of purchase for all IBF events held, in 2023. Additional kits must be purchased in 2024, to qualify for 2024 cash awards, etc.)
  8. All purchases are automatically time and date stamped by our website, therefore validating qualified competitors. Purchasing a Safe Home test kit somewhere other than our website will not qualify you.
  9. Any competitor who files for a refund for their purchase or declines a purchase after the fact of the original purchase, will not be considered qualified for the contingency cash.
  10. The qualifying test kits must be purchased in the name of the competitor who will claim the Safe Home Cash prize. Test kits purchased in the name of a friend or other family member will not qualify you.
  11. Once the IBF officially posts the winners of each event (Boater and Non-Boater) on their website, the Safe Home Cash qualified winners must contact Safe Home in writing (by email) within 30-days of the event’s conclusion in which they competed, to claim their prize money. The winner or highest finishing Top-10 qualifier should email Safe Home at,  ETK@EnviroTestKits.com. Any claims for prizes after the noted 30-days, will not be honored.
  12. Questions? Call 888-932-6699 during normal working hours M-F and ask for Kaeli or Kinzee.

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