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EnviroTestKits®  – (ETK) is a division of Environmental Laboratories, Inc. – (ELI). ELI’s scientists have over 150-years of combined environmental testing and consulting experience.  ELI and its more than sixty employees presently serve more than sixteen-hundred clients from the “Regulated Testing” sector and have done so for more than three decades, while performing more than 2,000,000 laboratory certified tests.  EnviroTestKits® specifically seeks to focus on an educational outreach to and environmental testing for, the general public.  With over 21-Million private wells in the USA and more than 750-Million globally, EnviroTestKits® is a respected and trusted point of reference in water testing for people around the world.  We invite you to spend time on both websites-(envirolabsinc.com and envirotestkits.com) to learn more.  Thank you in advance for utilizing our test kits.

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Why Should You Test Your Water?

If you live to be 80 years old, you will drink about 14,600 gallons of water.  It is truly something your body cannot live without. However, there are deadly contaminants that do find their way into people’s water supplies and literally shorten their lives. By testing your water supply, you can make informed decisions about treating your water in order to neutralize or even eliminate most of your water’s problems. Knowledge is Power! With this knowledge, you can protect your family from harmful contaminants such as Deadly Bacteria, Toxic Metals and Cancer Causing Organic Compounds. You could potentially be adding years into your family’s lives, by regularly testing your water to make sure that it is safe.

How Often Should You Test Your Water?

Water for the most part, comes from two locations on this planet; Surface Water like the Ocean, Lakes, Streams, Rivers and other Surface Run-Offs. Then there is Ground Water from Springs and Aquifers below the earth’s surface. If you truly want to be in control of the water your family uses for “Potable” applications (drinking, bathing and cooking)…then you should test your water supply at least twice each year.  You should test once during dry/drought conditions (these conditions shrink Surface and Ground Water Supplies and tend to concentrate contaminants). You should also test once during wet/flood conditions (these conditions bring in “new contaminants”; Bacteria such as E. coli, In-organics such as Nitrates & Nitrites, changes in Physical Properties such as pH & Hardness and Organic Compounds such as Pesticides). You can stick your head in the sand like an ostrich and just “hope things will be ok” when you pull your head out…or you can test your water supply and take action to protect your family’s health.


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